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Traxxas X Dude Perfect

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We are a little late posting this video up, as it has only been online for two days with over 2 million views. Besides the cool video, the point of this blog post is to share the progression of the radio controlled industry into mainstream media and outlets. I remember when I personally got into this hobby over 15 years ago, the hobby was still very "underground" for lack of a better word. I would never imagine that one day I would turn on the TV to see a Traxxas commercial on a Saturday afternoon. Now over the last couple years, you start to see the big players like Traxxas and Team Associated getting their name (the RC industry as well) out in the public via commercials and sponsorships in NASCAR and SuperCross. Why does this matter? Well for companies like us, we love it. The more people who get into this hobby, the more customers for aftermarket RC businesses like ourselves. But lets focus on the big picture, we love to see new enthusiast discover this hobby with marketing and exposure like this. Dollars, profits, units sold aside, we see the main goal for the radio control industry is for people of all ages to have fun with the hobby. Spending time with family and friends while you enjoy the hobby, whether it's at a local track or in front of their house, is what it's all about. 


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